What are we walking for?

The Refugee Foundation (Stichting Vluchteling) provides emergency aid in crises around the world. We supply immediate, life-saving aid in direct response to disasters and violent conflicts and provide people seeking safety with shelter, medical care, food, water and sanitary facilities. We walk the Night of the Refugee for emergency aid like these. Every year we select special projects in different countries, where the money that the participants collect together will go towards. 


There is an outbreak of violence in Sudan at the moment. The Sudanese army and the paramilitaries are mainly figthing for control of the capital Khartoum. Hundreds of people have already been killed. The recent fighting has caused tens of thousands of Sudanese to flee to neighboring countries, such as Chad. Additionally, Sudan already had to deal with droughts and floods, social and political unrest and rising food prices. 

How we help 

Stichting Vluchteling (the Refugee Foundation) immediately makes funds available for emergency aid to Sudanese refugees crossing the border with neighboring Chad. Initially, we focus on clean drinking water and sanitation. The aid will start as soon as possible. 

Syria and Turkey

InFebruary, Syria and Turkey were hit by a massive earthquake that destroyed the lives of tens of thousands of people. The damage is enormous: buildings, schools, hospitals and infrastructure are in ruins. In Syria, disaster upon disaster seems to hit: due to the war that has been going on there for 12 years, more than 15 million people were already dependent on aidThe majority of the population is on the run, within Syria itself and beyond. Many people living in the region where the earthquake took place, already had to flee the war countless times before.

How we help 

After the earthquake, Stichting Vluchteling (the Refugee Foundation) was able to take action quickly with local partners Intersos and Support to Life, also in the areas that were worst affected. We distribute emergency aid packages including mattresses, blankets and winter clothing, and hygiene items such as toothbrushes and soap. We also provide medical care and medicines through our mobile teams, who work from vans at shelters where many displaced victims reside. We are ensure that Turkish and Syrian children who have fled because of the earthquake have access to education. 


The massive earthquake also hit Turkey hard. Tens of thousands of people have died. The damage is enormous: buildings, schools, hospitals and infrastructure are in ruins. Millions of children are in urgent need of help. 

How we help 

Together with our partner Support to Life, we ensure that Turkish and Syrian children who have fled because of the earthquake have access to education. For example, we provide teaching materials and training courses, and we help families to register their children. It is important that children get back to school as soon as possible after a disaster. Not only to keep learning, but also to give them the opportunity to talk about their trauma and to pick up a daily rhythm again. 


Ethiopia is currently experiencing the worst drought in 40 years. Five rainy seasons have failed, rivers are dry and cattle are dying. The drought has a devastating effect on the country's harvest and food production. It is one of the most serious food crises in the world, with an estimated 13 million people in need of food aid. In addition, fierce conflicts are flaring up in various places in the country, as different ethnic groups fight over land and (political) influence. As a result of the drought and internal conflicts, as many as 5.5 million Ethiopians have been displaced and are looking for safety within their own country.  

How we help 

Together with our partner RACIDA, we support people on the run with food, water and in their livelihood. We distribute amounts of money (cash aid) with which they can buy at least two meals a day. We also build toilets and ensure that people have access to clean (drinking) water, for example by repairing underground water tanks.   


Burkina Faso 

Until a few years ago, Burkina Faso was one of the calmest countries in Africa. The country is now experiencing one of the fastest growing humanitarian crises in the world. Since 2021, attacks by violent groups have increased sharply. The violence has displaced more than 1.8 million people, more than half of whom are children. In addition, the eastern region is facing a major food and hunger crisis. Last year's drought caused poor harvests and malnutrition for millions of people. More than half a million children suffer from acute malnutrition. 

How we help 

Together with our partner Intersos, we ensure that people affected by the conflicts have access to healthcare. In the eastern region, 10 health centers have been set up, where we provide free medical care. We focus on the screening and treatment of acute malnutrition, mainly among children. We also build water pumps, showers and toilets. 



A coup took place in Myanmar in early 2021, after which the fighting between the military regime and the ethnic opposition has intensified. The number of armed clashes against civilians, including air strikes, has risen drasticly since then. As a result of deteriorating security, the number of people displaced within Myanmar skyrocketed to 1.5 million last year. After the coup, the health care system also collapsed. Myanmarese die from preventable diseases, such as malaria, diarrhea or respiratory infections.  

How we help 

We support 114 teams of 3-5 backpack doctors, who provide medical care to people fleeing the conflict, often in isolated areas. From Thailand, we supply them with medicines and medical devices. The focus of the backpack doctors is on the treatment and prevention of easily preventable diseases. They also take care of the construction of water facilities and toilets. Due to increasing violence, they operate under increasingly difficult and sometimes dangerous conditions to continue to provide emergency aid. 

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